Military Putsch in Thailand: No Free Travel Cancellation

Hannover / Potsdam
Just because of the military coup in Thailand tourists can not cancel a booked trip for free. This is pointed out by the travel lawyer Paul Degott from Hannover . "Now and in the coming days, you have to pay close attention to the specific adverse effects of the developments," says Degott .

So far it is still too early to give a prognosis. "Only if that

The Foreign Office warns against traveling to Bangkok or other parts of the country, the organizers must respond. "Even if nocturnal curfews, blockades or similar massively disrupt the planned course of the trip, a free cancellation is considered – but this is not yet known ,

Sabine Fischer-Volk of the Verbraucherzentrale Brandenburg recommends tourists to contact the organizer, the travel agency or the hotel operator for up-to-date information about the respective holiday area. "Backpackers can also contact the German Embassy in turn Bangkok ," recommends the consumer .

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